"Please" and "Thank You"

Be kind and compassionate to one another…
Ephesians 4:32a

We’re taught to be kind to one another. God even added the concept of compassion into the equation. But, in terms of kindness – we’re to express kindness to each other. I think sometimes we take kindness for granted and discount its effectiveness even to the point of neglect. In fact, kindness is sort of a theoretical concept. We understand we’re to practice it, but how do we demonstrate it?

Here’s an idea about how to exhibit kindness. Let’s start with something simple. Next time you ask someone for help, assistance, or input, preface the request with a “please”. It’s amazing how simple or even burdensome requests are far more palatable with a little bit of kindness. Instead of verbalizing marching orders, make the request with a “please”. Kindness will influence a timely response to your request. Here’s another word that’ll work, too. Next time someone does something for you respond to his or her assistance with a “thank you”. Demonstrating verbally your appreciation for someone’s effort communicates kindness and value. People respond positively to words of kindness.

You can make a difference in your home, workplace, church, or in other relationships just by expressing words of kindness. These simple gestures will go a long way to communicating care, value, and worth for others. Take the kindness challenge. Preface your requests with “please” and express your gratitude with a “thank you”. Watch how other react to your words – it’ll make a difference in their life and perception of you.