Preventing Ministry Failure in its 3rd Printing

I received some good news today – at least I think it’s good. InterVarsity Press (my publisher) sent notice that Preventing Ministry Failure is in its third printing. I think that’s cool; it also means that someone somewhere is buying the book. There is an ever-growing list of colleges and seminaries using the book as a course or seminar text. Denominational groups are using the text as a springboard for training and developing ministerial peer groups across the country. Solo pastors are learning of the book, buying it, and walking through the material themselves. Ministry professionals (sorry to use that phrase) are learning about the importance of a self-care plan, creating one, and then doing it. People around the world are learning about Preventing Ministry Failure. I’m often amazed and humbled that God can use an average pastor (myself) and a great Christian therapist (my co-author) to write a book to influence leaders. It’s about real stuff, real life, and real ministry.