The Elusive Search for Authenticity

I believe authenticity scares us, even though we know it to be of perceived value. We are fearful because we do not understand it and we’re afraid of what might happen if we risk it. Do I really want to be known? What will someone else think of me if they really knew me? In Richard Todd’s book, The Thing Itself: On Search for Authenticity, I find this quote, “Authenticity is what we want from the world around us, from others, and crucially from ourselves.” There’s a nominal expectation of authenticity. We want authentic products – the real McCoy. We want people to be real with us or at least we want to perceive them in that way – as if we’re unable to see through the mask. We ourselves crave the liberation of authenticity. To be oneself without the fear of rejection is freedom. I have to admit, I’m easily wearied at pretense spirituality; it’s stifling.

Here’s my dream – that believers can discover, experience, model, and thrive in authenticity in the community of believers called the local church or congregation. I want to see, observe, and interact with the real McCoy of believers – to know God’s work and grace in your life and for you to know His in mine.

I have this thought that when we’re unable to authentic in our earthly relationship, we transfer the act (drama) into our heavenly relationship. If we’re unable to be authentic with others, are we really able to be authentic with God? I really believe our ability to be authentic in our earthly relationship shapes our heavenly one. Let’s encourage a work towards authenticity.