Hooray for Michael Vick

Okay, I have an opinion. I suppose that probably doesn’t surprise you. I’ve been thinking about Michael Vick’s return to professional football. There’s a lot of buzz and opinion floating out there and mine is no exception. Let me just say it, personally I’m glad to see him return to the game. My excitement has nothing to do for what he’ll potentially accomplish for the Philadelphia Eagles. It has everything to do with giving a guy a second chance; this is a great story about grace. Vick got caught, found guilty, and sentenced. He’s done his time and completed the prescribed course of punishment (consequences). I think the fans from the City of Brotherly Love ought to give the man a standing ovation. Reports indicate that Vick is a “changed” man. He walks with a limp, but not physically. He’s been humbled, raked over the coals, and publically humiliated through this shameful ordeal. What more do people want? Even his mentor Tony Dungy vouches for him. Now there’s an exceptional man.

Grace living Christians should stop and ponder this one. Believers are receivers of grace. It’s something we don’t deserve. In fact, we really deserve wrath, judgment, and punishment. Just think of all the mistakes and sins covered by God. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to make restitution for every one of your sins? We need more grace in everyday life. We need to recognize again that our relationship with God is completely by grace. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to earn it, restore it, or maintain it. As God expresses and demonstrates His grace towards me, shouldn’t I demonstrate grace to others? This is grace, to play again.

I want to cheer for broken people. In Vick’s recent interview, he spoke as a humbled man; He’d been broken and shamed. There’s something that happens through brokenness and humility. God brings blessing in brokenness and raises up the humble. I wish (pray) for Michael Vick to have an incredibly prosperous season. I have a feeling he’s the kind of leader the Eagles need. He’s the kind of hero the professional sports world needs. Because of the pain and disappointment of the past, he knows with greater certainty the future he wishes to create. He’s been broken, knows that pain of failure, but has a passion for success, righteousness, and true greatness.

One thought on “Hooray for Michael Vick

  1. jay

    Brad, My opinion was totally opposite from yours. Grace is wonderful to have. I just hope that parents tell their children and make them understand that Michael is extremely lucky to have a second chance. God gave us a second chance, we shouldn’t cast stones.

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