A Choice Thought

I sit at my desk at home. Gazing out my window the clarity of the day is empowering. I look across the backyard to the neighbor’s house. The trees sway in the gentle warm (okay, hot) Texas summer breeze. It’s scorching outside, but cool inside. The sky is blue without a cloud in sight. In the sunlight, the colors seem brilliant. The red brick, yellow trim, green grass, and the blooming flowers are vibrant. God made this. He’s such a masterful and skillful creator.

I’m contemplating the message for tomorrow, reviewing the time and effort invested over the weeks. I find the power of God’s love to be compelling. Paul called the Thessalonian Christians beloved. They were the “chosen” first fruits of the delivered. I’m drawn not to the action of the choosing, but the result of the choice. God chose them for a purpose. At times, I think we get stuck on the “choice” debate at the exclusion of a significant discussion about what should follow post choice. Paul wanted the Thessalonians to persevere through the affliction and hardships while holding onto sound teaching. Their walk would be one of constant dependence on the one who chose them. God loved them and would continue His evident presence through the sanctifying work of the Spirit. God doesn’t choose for naught; He chooses for a purpose.

God chose you for a purpose. Do you know what that is?