I Don’t Drink Beer

There seems to be an ongoing debate about the Christian’s use of alcohol depending on your theological, doctrinal, or even practical perspective. Some might stereotype my since I’m a Baptist on this subject, but there’s really more depth to my opinion than the average Baptist. I do hold to a practice and position of abstinence when it comes to alcoholic beverages. My proof text is Proverbs 31:1-9. King Lemuel’s mother taught him it wasn’t for leaders to drink. That’s good enough for me. The argument that Jesus drank wine (so I should) really doesn’t hold water given the cultural context of that day versus today. If some one uses it to calm their nerves, it’s a drug. If you’re doing to relax, you robbing God of an opportunity to grant peace. To be blunt, there’s really no good reason to swallow an alcoholic drink. I personally love this video; it’s a practice approach to the modern day topic. It’ll make you laugh.

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