The Beginning of the End?

I struggle with the imaginary line drawn between politics and religion. Maybe it’s because I have an interest in both politics and religion. My undergraduate degree in business and my graduate degree in theology gives me a little background in both disciplines. It could be my age or even the way I was raised. I am conservative both theologically and politically. Yet, I can still disagree with so-called conservatives (and liberals too) both theologically and politically. My interest in the political world has heightened in recent days. There’s a lot going on, some I understand and some of it I don’t. Yet, I’m still concerned. As a proponent of free market, I’m troubled about increased governmental intervention at taxpayer’s expense. I do not believe that America will be a major player on the world scene in the end times. Most prophecy experts seem to leave us unnamed among the conflict. It’s almost as if the slide to oblivion has begun. America’s global influence is waning. We are in debt and owned by people who do not necessarily hold to the same value system of freedom our nation was founded upon. There are more indicators than ever before that suggest we are witnessing the decline and dismantling of America. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end. I don’t know. I have no idea when Christ will return. But, I will tell you this; if anything, it creates a greater resolve for evangelism and for the pursuit of righteousness. Jesus’ return is one day closer than it was yesterday. As people of faith, we don’t have the luxury to sit on our laurels. We must work until Jesus comes – to serve, witness, pray, and tell.