Where’s the Beef?

To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn. Isaiah 8:20

Years ago, Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers utilized the slogan, “Where’s the Beef?” The phrase was to draw attention and reference the lack of beef in competitor’s burgers. Wendy’s claimed to have more beef in their burgers than McDonald’s and Burger King. The embedded commercial pictures three ladies commenting about a fluffy bun, yet when they lift the top of the bun they’re disappointed at the lack of “beef” substance.

I see a great similarity between Wendy’s slogan and the modern day struggling Christian. I’m often compelled to ask, “Where’s the Beef?” There may be an appearance of, but something seems to be lacking. We need believers of substance! You discover the “beef” or substance in God’s Word, Scripture, the Bible – whatever title you want to refer to it by.

God’s word must be evident and demonstrated in our behavior, actions, and decisions. It is the substance we’re called to. When we have a decision requiring discernment, our reference source should be the Bible. In order to know it, we must study it, memorize it, and apply it. If our actions do not reflect the living word of God, there is no light reflected in our action.

I like what Donald Whitney said, “As Spirit-indwelled people grow to resemble Jesus more and more, they should think more quickly and more often, ‘To the law and the testimony!’ This means immediately asking yourself, ‘What does the Bible say?’ when dealing with even the most common issues, whenever you have a question about anything.”