A Thirsty Culture Lacking Substance and Depth

“The sum and substance of the preparation needed for a coming eternity is that you believe what the Bible tells you and do what the Bible bids you.” Thomas Chalmers

The Bible is perhaps the most revered, unread, respected, and misunderstood book in history. Denominations and movements were born in interpretation. Sadly, subsequent generations following the founders have become less interested in the substance of the interpretations. We know the “rules” sometimes, just not the reasoning or rationale.

As a Southern Baptist, I possess a statement titled The Baptist Faith and Message. Though the years, it has been updated periodically, always with caution, care, and a reminder of its purpose. The BFM is a statement of beliefs we as Southern Baptist hold in common; it is not a creed – for Southern Baptists are not creedal. It is a collection of doctrinal statements both rooted in and supported by Scripture. While the Baptist Faith and Message presents basic and foundational beliefs, I am not completely convinced the generations in the pew fully understand the magnitude of these basic beliefs that shape our faith. People are choosing at a rapid rate to disregard doctrinal distinction labeling it unimportant and at times claiming it to be irrelevant.

The perception that the Bible is irrelevant is a growing cultural predicament. It is viewed as a book of old stories and fables not pertinent to our culture. Sadly, the population, even some within our churches, is missing out on the true value of Scripture. Yes, it is God’s self-revelation. Yes, it is His Word. Yes, it is true in every respect. But, it is food for the soul. Our community is thirsty, parched, and dehydrated. The reservoir for quenching a thirsty soul is Scripture. God’s word fills the soul and satisfies the heart. It is only through constant and thorough use that we realize satisfaction and fulfillment. Hunger and thirst after God and His word, you will be filled.

As a Pastor who teaches, I want for the people I have the privilege to shepherd and influence to discover and experience the fulfillment and blessing of meditating, knowing, and applying the soul satisfying Word of God. Scripture does something no other publication, or study, reading, exercise or hobby can begin to do in us. It fills the soul.

I’ve embedded this clip for the illustration of the differing opinions regarding the Bible.