The Downward Spiral of Church Income

I’ve heard a lot about the increasingly downward spiral of church giving as compared to previous years. Many churches are cutting back, releasing staff, and discontinuing ministry – all because they’re unable to sustain budgets. It’s the stuff of real concerns. Some regions of our country have been devastated by layoffs and facility closures. This has obviously caused church receipts to plummet. If members don’t have an income, how can they give?

But I think there’s probably another reason why receipts have plummeted, too. In some cases, I believe people are scared and fearful about the future. There’s no promise of future employment; the stalwarts of the American economy are folding like overnight startups. So naturally, people are cutting back in their cash outlay and expenses including such areas as charitable giving.

Here’s what’s happening, we’re allowing fear to dictate actions of disobedience. That’s right, you heard me. People fearful of the future are cutting back on expenses including their giving to the local church. Scripture teaches us to give liberally and in proportion to our incomes. This abode of fear has led us to reside in a place of no trust or even distrust. If we’re cutting back due to fear, we’re saying we don’t trust God. By holding back, I’m helping secure my future, right? Holding back isn’t securing anything! It’s a demonstration of the lack in trust you have for God. Now’s the time to start trusting, if anything, this is the day to trust. Trust Him for your provision; He is your provider.