From Anger to Intimacy – A Great Read!

Someone gave me a copy of Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham’s book, From Anger to Intimacy: How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Marriage at conference where I recently spoke. I appreciate the gift and suspect the correlation between the gift and conference is the word intimacy. While intimacy with God and others is a foundation stone for “who I am” in my book Preventing Ministry Failure, Smalley and Cunningham share significant insights for moving from anger to intimacy in marriage. From Anger to Intimacy revealed some transparent moments; I love that in a book. It makes it real, personal, and gives the reader “real” hope. The authors treat some tough subject matter such as infidelity and addictions. This book ought to be a staple for anyone in a relationship. Cunningham’s two questions are simple and insightful. What am I angry about? What am I going to do with my anger? These two questions help the student determine a desire path. The author’s eight opportunities to nurture your emotions are both thought provoking and insightful. There’s a lot of wisdom and practical application in these pages.

I’d planned on reading this new addition within the next couple of weeks after placing it on the “stack” (anyone who does any amount of reading understands the term “stack”). On a whim today, I picked it up and read it through almost in one sitting. It’s a good book and a compelling read. I’m glad I picked it up today!