Greener Grass is just an Illusion

There’s no such thing as greener grass. To often, people gaze into the neighbor’s pasture admiring a seemingly greener field. There’s a problem in the observation, it’s not any greener than your own pasture. I’ve been a student of people and scripture long enough to know we only fool ourselves into thinking another set of circumstances will add happiness and joy to life. It just doesn’t work that way. Happiness and joy are realized in reaching the potential in your current reality. Trying to live someone else’s reality only compounds our frustrations and disappointments. I remember a recent conversation about all the perfect people that sit in church every Sunday. The observant bystander just wanted a life like all the other perfect people in church. While the illusion appeared inviting, there was a problem with this perception. There were no perfect people, lives, or relationships in the congregation; just the struggling dysfunction all families attempt to work through.

Here’s some advice. Quit looking at other people’s yards. If you spent as much time working on your own lawn as you spent daydreaming about someone else’s, your reality might just be a little different. Secondly, I’ve never seen a “greener” pasture that didn’t have it’s own set of bugs and weeds. You can’t see the problems gazing from a distance, but you’ll get bitten as you stroll through the blades of grass. Third, greener pastures just don’t exist. Don’t fool yourself with buying the lies of illusion. I’ve been around too long to watch people make the foolish mistake of chasing an illusive greener field only to realize a greater disappointment.

Take the time to work the yard you have. God has given you the acreage where you now stand. Take the time to treat, fertilize, weed, water, and care for your lot in life. Reach your potential, bloom where God has planted you!