Don’t Ever Give Up!

Don’t ever give up! Keep up the good work! You may get down from time to time, but don’t give into the feeling. Tomorrow is Easter. Typically, a church will exceed its average attendance on this day. Easter and Christmas are always the “big” days. It’ll be exciting as the crowd always seems to generate enthusiasm. Enjoy the day and all of its significance.

Life brings all sorts of challenges. That’s why God speaks of the value of perseverance in His word. There’s incredible blessing both through and on the other side of a circumstance endured with perseverance. Think about this weekend. Jesus died on Friday and was placed in a borrowed tomb. If any disciple had a reason to give up, it was the crucified Jesus. They survived Saturday in despair and wonder; then came Sunday. The resurrection changed everything. Life’s perspective had now been transformed – Jesus is alive!

Even in the darkest of nights, there’s soon to be a dawn. Life is full of Fridays, just remember that Sunday is just hours away!