God is Still Working

Do you ever wonder what God is up to sometimes? I know I do. There are many times when my mind spins at incredible speeds just trying to discern what God is up to. Now understand, He isn’t obligated to tell me nor does He need to ask my permission for anything that He does. For me, I just want to be in step with what God is doing in my life and in my neighborhood. I don’t want to miss what God has for me.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things – not many, but a few. In the process of discernment, I have to remind myself of several life principles about God’s working. First, I know that when God is working on one end, He’s also working on the other. God doesn’t work on one end where He’s not working on the other. If He is preparing me, He is preparing others. If he’s creating a ministry passion in my life, He’s working on the other end to bring it to fruition. Because we often don’t see what God is doing on the other end until the two ends meet, I have to remind myself to trust Him at His work. Even when I can’t see Him working in a particular part of my life, I must remind myself that He is working.

I’ve also learned that what God is teaching me today, He’ll use in me tomorrow (figuratively). God gives wisdom in order for wisdom to be used. His teaching is in preparation for the things I’ll encounter in the future. That’s why it is so important to be actively involved in a personal study of God’s word. God’s word influences, prepares, challenges, and encourages for the things I’ll face in the days ahead. I’m building a storehouse of wisdom for the life happenings of tomorrow. I can often gather a glimpse of what God is preparing to do in me through what He is teaching me in Scripture.

Finally, I’ve learned that God never wastes a circumstance or an experience. God uses the good and the bad stuff, the lessons learned in obedience and even the lessons learned in disobedience. He never wastes an experience. God will allow me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned through my circumstance and experience with others. He also uses these circumstances in preparation for others down the road in my own life.

So I see that God is working in my life. Sometimes it is more obvious than others, but He’s still working.

One thought on “God is Still Working

  1. Pam

    How often we forget to appreciate and savor every moment, even those not so fun moments in life. If we truly believe that he is working on both ends, then how can we not appreciate every moment of walking with Christ as he walks us though each day. Thanks for the reminder.

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