The Minister of Education Retreat in Texas

I’ll have the opportunity in a few weeks to spend a couple of days with a group of Education Ministers. My first exposure to this group was at a dinner during the Baptist General Convention of Texas Annual Meeting last year. I have to say, this is a great group. I’m really looking forward to the Minister of Education Retreat in April. Why are they such a great group? There was a great camaraderie with a noticeable absence of competition in the room. If their demeanor is a true sample of Education Ministers around the county, they’re just not as uptight as Pastors. Now, before you go casting stones, I’m a Pastor – so I can say that. I think my breed sometimes take themselves a little too seriously; we’re a little more uptight than the next staff member. There are reasons for that and far too numerous to list in one post. Here’s at least one thought. Pastors by and large spend too much time comparing ministries. One of the aspects to sustainable ministry is a non-compete clause with your fellow ministers. Don’t worry about someone else’s church (place of service) being bigger or perceivably doing better than yours. You are not in competition with him; you are in Kingdom work with God. God knows where you are and to what He’s called you to do. When we learn that our competition isn’t with the fellow pastor on the other side of town or down the street, there’s a greater enjoyment in ministry and a greater opportunity to create the nourishing relationships we all need.