Humbled by a Minister

I was really humbled last week (which isn’t unusual). A minister scheduled an appointment to meet and discuss Preventing Ministry Failure. As we sat down and exchanged typical pleasantries, he made a statement I’ll never forget. He thanked me for writing the book because it had changed the way he approached and did ministry. Almost speechless (it’s hard to believe for some), I thanked him for his kind words. He went on to tell me how he had shared this book with others, too. I’ve heard many comments and testimonies about the use of my book, but there was something different here. Here was a guy who took his personal time out of a busy schedule to meet with me and share his story of how this book had influenced his life, ministry and family.

After our meeting, I was struck with the idea that you never really know the degree to which you influence others. There are times when preachers wonder if they ever really make a difference or if anyone is ever listening. This day was a reminder that you never really know the impact you have on someone else or even who is listening or in this case reading. The biggest reminder is the mandate to remain faithful to the calling, the passion, and the ministry God’s placed before me. It is a humbling thought that God would use an average pastor and an exceptional counselor (Michael Todd) to make a substantive difference in the lives of men and women in ministry. I am humbled.

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  1. Anonymous

    Brad, I use Preventing Ministry Failure with two different groups of pastors. It is a very, very helpful book for pastors. I am with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, the leadership development specialist. I would like to visit with you sometime about coming to Oklahoma for one of our events. What’s the best way to reach you?

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