Clinton and Biden, Who Would Have Thought?

Paths cross in amazing ways. After Jolanta and I graduated from college, many of our friends took different paths. Ten years later in Tampa, we were reacquainted with one of the last people we expected to cross paths with again. Our friend had relocated to Tampa, secured employment, and met her husband in a Barnes and Nobel (that is a whole other story). Her parents retired to the same area. As church planters in Tampa, it was encouraging to have an old college friend on board. Not long after our paths crossed again, I would bury her mother who had fallen victim to the same type of cancer that would take my father-in-law just a few years later. Who would have thought that ten years earlier our paths would cross again? I wouldn’t have. Then again, you just never know. God often brings people to cross our path for a reason.

Hillary Clinton was publically sworn in as Secretary of State by Vice President Joe Biden today. Former President Bill Clinton was by her side and held the Bible as she repeated the oath of office. “Never did I think, Madame Secretary, that I would swear you in as Secretary of State,” said Biden. “Never did I think I’d be sworn in as Vice President,” said Biden as laughter erupted. Hillary Clinton later said, “As Joe laughingly referenced, neither one of us thought we would be standing here together doing what we are now doing. Life has a funny way of unfolding and politics is even stranger.” How true! You just never know how life unfolds and paths cross.