I Had One of Those Moments Today

I had one of these moments today; a unique reminder of God’s past workings. The last stop on a list of errands today included Kroger. After shopping, the groceries were loaded and I was headed out of the parking lot. I was alone turning onto Alexander, my mind wandered to 1995. I’m not sure why, there wasn’t anything in the immediate surroundings that prompted the thought; perhaps it was God. 1995 was a season of switching gears and church planting. There was a lot of “new” going on around us, the stuff called change. In the middle of some pretty outrageous circumstances, God provided for us in huge and unexpected ways a number of times, but I was reminded at this moment of one in particular. God’s moving had been the stuff of timing on a scale that only He can do; a demonstration of perfect clockwork. It’s the stuff of tales that never come true, but it did in this case. I am most thankful and grateful. God’s provision in our life reminded me to simply trust follow Him, He had called me to this work. God opened the undeniable door wide and in the process cared for our concern in a miraculous faction.

I’ve not thought about that particular miracle (it really was) of His in my life in a while. Today was a great reminder of His moving nearly 14 years ago. I have no doubt that God has called me to the pastoral ministry; this knowing has not wavered. There are times along the way when God just “proves” Himself. Those are pretty cool moments. Thank you, Lord, for the calling on my life. I do not deserve this calling for I am the least of these. Thank you for today’s reminder of your working and moving in my life. It was a sweet moment.