A Presidential Limousine and the Christian Faith

I ran across an illustration (click picture for more detail) of the presidential limousine. According to the report, the “old” car will go to the vice-president. This new car will take delivery for President Obama. As I looked over the detail, I was amazed at all of the “protection” that goes into the fabrication of the automobile. This car is a stark reminder of the day and time in which we live. It is also a reminded of our need to pray for President Barack Obama. I’ve often wondered why Americans are hated by so many around the globe. It just doesn’t make sense to this western mind, perhaps that’s the problem. We think differently and uphold a differing value system than many who inhabit this planet.

Maybe there is a correlation with why so many around the world “hate” Christians. We think differently and uphold a differing value system. More importantly, I think there are some globally incorrect perceptions of Christians. America is often referred to as a Christian nation. While I want to believe that to be true, I’m not sure this is an accurate description of America or of Christianity for that matter. America is currently a country of faith – an eclectic assimilation of beliefs and practices – it really isn’t distinctly Christian (a majority of the population). Let me prove my point for a minute. Let’s use church attendance as one of the many indicators of a Christian’s behavior. Less than a majority of the population attends a “church” on any given weekend. Only 10% of our population (Baytown) attends church on a weekend. While this isn’t the only gauge, it is an indicator of the Christian faith in America today. If you confess Christ, you ought to attend a local church. Anything less than regular church participation demonstrates a practice contrary to the Christian faith. This is a “sermon” for another post. We read about “behaviors” that are contrary to Christian belief, yet are accepted social practices in parts of our country. Regardless of what some studies say, the majority of our country doesn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – that’s what makes you uniquely Christian.

I think we need to be careful about how we characterize America for the sake of the Christian faith. We also need to remind ourselves we live in the greatest mission field in the world.