I’m Praying for Our New President

Today is a historic day, Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of the United States. I’ll not be able to watch the events live; I’m in meetings all day long into the evening. There’ll be plenty of clips online by tonight. One of our local school districts instructed teachers to show the events of the day during their class time with some instruction. This will be a unique perspective for my youngest two. Today’s inauguration will be the first they’ll remember observing in their lifetime. I’ll look forward to hearing their impressions and perspectives.

I’m reminded of the importance to pray for our leaders and especially our President. As Christians, it’s our mandate. I’m thankful for the men and women that purposefully serve this nation. God gives us leaders and it’s our duty to diligently pray for them. I pray today for our new President. That God would give him protection, wisdom, discernment, insight, strength, and health. I pray for good, right, just and honorable men and women to serve along side of him; for the purpose of supporting him and partnering with Him to serve this great country. God bless the leadership of the United States of America.