No More Regrets

I think a New Year offers a new outlook. Many of us spent the last quarter of 2008 in survival mode (post Ike). What are the symptoms of “survival mode”? It’s the limited ability to see beyond the immediate. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually one is trapped in the moment seeking to make it through another day. Storms in life have that affect upon people. We get trapped in routines not always of our own making; yet it’s where we reside. As you finish 2008, I’m sure you have some regrets about 2008? What are they? Can you list them? Are you afraid to list them? You may have some regrets for 2008, but today is the day to change that. 2009 is here and so is your tomorrow. Jesus can take all of your regrets and bring the change you desire. Will you let Him?