I am at Peace

It just kind of hit me tonight. Sitting in my living room with my computer and lap caddy; I am at peace. Jolanta is upstairs on the house computer checking Facebook. The two youngest are in bed, one’s asleep the other is getting there. The oldest is in her room. The downstairs is quiet expect for Sadie (one of the dogs) is munching her food in the kitchen. I’m staring at the Christmas tree as the lights flicker from section to section. I am at peace. That doesn’t mean that everything in my life is perfect, I can assure you it’s far from it. I have problems, challenges, schedules, and deadlines to meet. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day – a couple of services and a couple of meetings. Tomorrow’s message is still rumbling around in my mind. My thoughts are consumed with doctrine as it relates to The Shack. Funny, I am at peace. Reading the news earlier today, the world seems to be in chaos and our country is in a financial mess. How the future will unfold is uncertain. There’s a lot of anxiety in the air, people are wondering if they’ll survive the next round of layoffs or if they’ll be spared. What will the economy bring for 2009? I am still at peace. Maybe this peace is the result of the one I’m trusting. He is the giver of peace. Isaiah 26:3 reads, “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Who are you trusting in tonight?