A Great Idea!

This was originally posted on my blog at the church. Apparently, there is some sort of audio compatibility issue. So, I posted it here so you can listen to the clip.

Great wisdom here! Don’t miss the last couple of lines. Here’s the wisdom, “See a need, fill a need.” That ought to be our motto! What do you think? See a need; then fill a need. Seeing necessitates observation while observation involves looking beyond self. Put yourself in a place where God can reveal a need. The observation is only half of the equation while the other part calls for action. Ask God to give you ideas on how to meet that need. See it; then meet it. How can I meet an observed need? Ask God how to address it and then do something about it. Ask someone to help you and do ministry together. If we observe a need, we’re compelled to address the need. It’s kind of a biblical thought.