Morally Superior Arguments

I’ve got to ask the question. When does one’s personal right (preference) trump moral truth? The answer, it doesn’t. Societies need moral laws or truth to flourish; truth forms the community’s framework. Our moral framework is being challenged. The moral laws upheld for generations are being attacked by the argument of personal rights. The argument of personal right is post-modern at best. Its implication cites personal right as superior to moral truth. The argument proposes that if it seems right for me given my context and circumstance, then it must be good. Note Ellen’s attempt to cite the civil rights movement of an earlier century as similar to the gay rights movement of today. These are two totally different issues and are two totally different moral arguments. Don’t be fooled! I’ve waited for a while to post this clip. There’s a huge difference by which same-sex marriage is approached by John McCain and Ellen DeGeneres. Societies fail as moral absolutes erode.