Bill Maher, Religulous, and Faith

Bill Maher has a new documentary. “Religulous” was released about a week ago. It’s a condescending attack on faith traditions and the people that follow them. I listened to this clip of Bill Maher on Larry King and instead of being outraged; I felt compassion for Bill Maher. There’s so much behind the statement, “I used to be Catholic.” You don’t hear it explained in this interview, because it’s probably never been discussed or adequately dealt with. Typically when people are so aggressively toxic in their personal attack, there’s a reason for it. Now, I don’t know Bill Maher, never met him, and never anticipate a meeting. What I do know is people and their responses and practiced behaviors. I’m confident that Bill Maher has been hurt by religion or religious people at some point in his life. This hurt is so deep that it’s displayed through aggressive behavior to discount the aggressor’s faith or their ability to hide behind their faith. I don’t know the specific situation, it’s just blatantly obvious he’s hurting and the way he’s trying to cope with the pain is by aggressively taking it out on people of faith. I feel sorry for Bill Maher and the inward anguish he obviously suffers.