Reliant Energy, Texans, and Trust

I’ve been thinking a lot about trust recently. It’s because of the current dilemma in which we’re living. They’re a lot of changes happening right now and stuff we have absolutely no control over. Just read the newspaper and see all the consolidations, devaluations, foreclosures, and the many stories regarding our national and global economic instability.

I was reading an article last night about Reliant Energy and their obvious relationship with the Houston Texans. Reliant spends a lot of money annually for naming rights to the stadium and a big chunk of those funds go directly to the Texans. The Texans depend upon that money. Reporters are speculating on Reliant Energy’s solvency and future in the residential Market. Here’s a local company with a huge customer base (1.8 million customers) and the future doesn’t look bright according to industry forecasters. Here’s a giant and yet we’ve learned in weeks past – you’re never too big to fail.

I think God is going to use this economic instability to our good and His, too. God has a unique way of removing everything in our life that vies or competes for our trust of Him. Humanly, we have a tendency to trust in money, stuff, belonging, and material goods – all the stuff we can touch, control, and manipulate. Unfortunately, we’re finding ourselves in a place where we can’t control the immediate outcome and in order to take the next step we have to trust someone that is trustworthy and that can only be God.

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there in the world today and I’m afraid it’ll get worse before it gets any better. While all the “sure bets” are fading away, there is one who stands out in the crowd that is trustworthy – His name is Jesus.

One thought on “Reliant Energy, Texans, and Trust

  1. Rickard Family

    Fellow Baytownian here and I totally agree with you. God will bring us through this but it may not be the way we want or expect.
    The world has turned materialistic and focuses on image, status, and wealth. We should have our focus on Him and put our trust in Christ.

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