"Is This Your Idea of Rest" – West Wing

When do we say, “Enough is enough?” Where do we draw the line between our physical well being and our engagement in ministry or service? This is a tough question. The heart of a servant desires to serve and the comfort zone of a workaholic is to work. This is perhaps one of my greatest struggles. I am poor at caring for me. Now that may sound a little strange, especially coming from a minister. It is easy to get caught up in the flow of busyness; the pace becomes exhilarating and all consuming. There’s always another call to make, a family to care for, a note to write, an issue to tackle, or a job to complete. The challenge is to get off the bus every once in a while and rest. The key to this strategy is identifying your stop and exiting the bus.

I was a faithful West Wing watcher for years. I enjoyed the show though not always the political undertones. This clip really brought this whole question of jeopardizing one’s health for the sake of the cause. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t care for yourself you won’t be around to care for the cause. We must create boundaries that provide for the physical care of our body and the spiritual care of our soul. Listen to the conversation between Jed and Abbey. There are two important comments made in this scene. The first is questioning Jed’s idea of rest. The second had to do with holding the fish loosely. I think the clip speaks for itself. We have a responsibility to care for our physical bodies, to listen to them, and to provide for them. That’s what they call stewardship.