Cheap Gas at Church

Think about the value of creativity for a moment! Remember the ingenious ad or imaginative commercial that caught your attention? You remembered the product, the sales pitch and maybe the price. Creativity is meant to capture the mind. It is done strictly to make you think and remember whatever it is that’s being promoted or sold. I ran across a pretty good idea today – a creative way to make people think about church. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, the Manna Church provided discounted gas at a couple of local stations for a few hours. Over lunch, you could stop by the filling station and receive up to 10 gallons of gas at a dollar off a gallon for every vehicle. Church members couldn’t participate unless it was a single mom. Manna Church bought 10 gallons of gas for 1,000 cars. Now do the math. The station patrons would hear Michael Fletcher, pastor of Manna Church or other church members say, “”Just wanted to let you know God loves you, no strings attached. That’s why your gas is a dollar off today.” Do you think they caught people off guard? Do you think they’ll remember Manna Church? How many people do you think will reference Manna Church in a conversation this weekend? Talk about creative! I think they’ll remember!