An Example of Postmodern Thought

We’ve been in a significant discussion about postmodernism in our PROOF Series. The purpose of this series has been first to distinguish and contrast modernism and postmodernism. My second intent has been to define our role as an authentic Christian in this postmodern context. Subsequently, we’re looking at relevant ways and methodologies by which to engage our culture with truth. How do you draw lines of truth in a culture that rejects absolute truth? Our modern methods are not effective in this postmodern context. We must be creative and at the same time not abandon relevant efforts to pursue and promote truth in our culture.

I want to give you a classic example of postmodern thought. Here’s a clip of the interview between Barack Obama and Rick Warren. The question references the candidate’s definition of marriage. The follow-up question is about a constitutional amendment defining marriage. Listen to Obama’s reasoning utilizing the civil union response. This is a postmodern argument that truth is relative. Barack and Michelle have a truth that is right for them as he defines marriage while at the same time he champions personal rights as one’s truth for same-sex civil unions. Truth is not defined, it is merely danced around. For the postmodern, all truth is relative to your situation as Obama so eloquently illustrates.