A Kid in College

This past week was tough, but good all at the same time. I’d been dreading last Friday for some time. It was the day that Jolanta and I drove Katey to college. The trip up wasn’t as difficult as the trip home. I couldn’t really write about it over the weekend without getting too choked up. Our first born had grown up to enter a new chapter in life. We’re extraordinarily proud of her; she’s a great kid!

Arriving at ETBU in Marshall wasn’t too bad. We unloaded the Suburban and moved all the stuff into her new room. After a trip to Wal-Mart, everything seemed set. Katey had a 4 o’clock meeting which meant we had to say our goodbyes and that was the hardest. I remember hugging her, then looking her in the eyes, and that’s when the tears came. I told myself I wasn’t going to tear up. Aren’t those famous last words?

Call me a wimp or even sentimental; I’m just a dad that loves his kids. It’s the small stuff that reminds me she’s away at college. Saturday I went to the store to buy groceries; there’s a story there for another time. Actually years ago, I told my wife I could shop “cheaper” at the store than she could, guess who’s still shopping. Katey is really the only one who drinks orange juice at the house and she’s particularly fond of the Tropicana brand. No sooner had I reached out to place a carton in the basket did I realize I didn’t need to buy any orange juice. There wasn’t anyone at home to drink it. The next reminder was Sunday. After the services, I walked into my office at the Sterling Campus. Typically you could find Katey there with a friend or any of our other two kids. Obviously, she wasn’t there when I walk into the office. It was another reminder she was away at college.

I’m confident this new chapter of life will be full of exciting days and seasons. We’re looking forward to what God does in Katey’s life at ETBU. Jolanta and I raised her for a day such as this.