Those Eyes, My Heart

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. Colossians 2:8

I realize this passage is written to Christians. Yet, it depicts the prevalence of false and deceptive philosophies and practices in our culture. They were prevalent in the times of Paul and they’re here today, too. These subcultures promote narcissistic behavior – the pursuit of self-pleasure on the pathway of self-destructive behavior. The fallacy is that there is no attainment of lasting pleasure or joy on any of these paths. These paths only damage the soul with each subsequent step. My heart is broken for those fallen prey to hollow philosophies.

Today, God has impressed me about the hollowness of eyes. I saw several pairs today; empty behind dark circles. Behind these empty eyes was a huge void, much like a barren landscape. I saw longing eyes; searching for meaning, purpose, happiness, joy and contentment. It was very evident that this current life wasn’t satisfying the deeper needs; the soul appearing bare through blank stares. These were tired eyes; having chased an illusive reward in a race that can never be won. They’ve sought gratification, but have yet to experience satisfaction. Life now searches for meaning, but isn’t sure where to look. I’m not condemning: I’m broken by what I’ve witnessed.

My heart is broken for those eyes. Insignificance and empty notions run through minds. Thoughts chased the created rather than the creator. The ways and traditions of self have captured their hearts and actions. God, my heart aches for these eyes. I want them to see you. I want them to see Jesus, His cross, His death, and His resurrection. I want them to have life everlasting and eternal. I want them to experience true contentment, satisfaction, and joy. I want them to know you through your Son. God, how can I get through? What must I do to carry, live, and share the message of grace? Lord, these hollow eyes are haunting. I must do something! Show me, lead me, and send me. I want to see the light of you in their eyes.