A Widow’s Trailer

A real God thing happened this week. After receiving an email detailing an urgent housing need for an 81 year old widow, the Bay Area Ministerial Alliance went to work. Following a general appeal, numerous responses were received with a variety of offers to help. Thursday afternoon, the story was told of an 81 year old lady and her condemned trailer. She would have to move, but didn’t have a place to go. A couple of years earlier, she lost her home to a fire. As a widow on a fixed income, she had no place to turn. Even though there is sufficient income to maintain the dwelling, she lacked the funds necessary to purchase the modular home. By Friday morning, the monies were made available to make the purchase and by that afternoon it was done. This deserving widow now has a place to call home, her space and place. You should have seen the look on her face.

There’s another part to this miracle, it’s the story of people coming together to meet needs. Various individuals of differing faith traditions (different denominations and labels) came together to dialogue about a solution. It wasn’t someone else’s job; we made it our task. I’m thankful for the Bay Area Ministerial Alliance and the relationships this organization has helped to foster over the years. If this organization didn’t exist, the word could not have gotten out and quite possibly this need may not have been met. I want to thank each one who made this possible. Thank you for being open to watch God work and be a part of something unique and creative. You made a lasting difference in a life this week.