A Love – Hate Relationship

I have a love – hate relationship with my job as do most pastors or ministers – if we are honest. Hear me out before you get too mad at me, please. There are some things I love about what I do and then there are other things I don’t like. I’m not going to take this space to elaborate on which duties I prefer over others, but to say I have a challenging and demanding career. I see people at their best and worst; sharing the happiest and the saddest moments of life. I see, hear, and know things that others only observe in soap operas or a bad movie. Real life isn’t always pretty and ministry is about getting involved in the lives of people no matter where they’ve walked. Everyone needs compassion and grace. Then there’s the stuff that drives you crazy; it’s the simple stuff. Communication and relationships are perhaps the biggest challenge in ministry. You’ll find a variety of personalities in a local church and with each personality brings a set of expectations and preferences. There’s an art to ministering, relating, and serving a diverse community.

I would be telling an untruth if I didn’t say sometimes I dream about having a “regular” job (whatever that is). Clocking an eight hour day and then leaving all the day’s problems behind in my cubical as I head for home. After being ushered back into reality, I realize that’s not me. I wouldn’t be happy there. Even in all my periodic frustrations in ministry, I’d be more frustrated living outside of my calling. See, there’s nothing else I can do and be satisfied, fulfilled, and content. I must live out this calling; it is my life. God called me to ministry and more specifically to pastor a local congregation. There’s no release from this call without taking a step outside of His will. I’ve been there before, and it’s a place I don’t want to visit again.

Why did I bother to tell you all this? I want you to capture a glimpse in the power of the call. Because I KNOW God called me, I am reminded of where He wants me. This call is a sustaining force in my life. I don’t do this stuff for me; I do it for Him – the one who called me, empowered me, and sustains me. I find strength in the call to love and to give. And by the way, I really do love the church I serve – the people I have the privilege to love.

2 thoughts on “A Love – Hate Relationship

  1. Anonymous

    The steps that we all take for our God is always the most demanding ones. I enjoy each one he gives me. I appreciate the honesty that you discussed because as you know we all struggle with the tasks that are set by Him.
    Please keep up the good works and hold your head high our God is not finished with us yet.

  2. Anonymous

    As you show us your life, transparent, it is such a relief to hear that the things I struggle with, my pastor does as well. Yes, we know you are just as human and in need of daily grace and forgiveness. The difference in this is that leadership, more times than not, can appear to be this above reproach person. I know the transparency is something that the world needs to see. They need to know that us as Christians, have the same needs, wants and struggles they have. The awesome, amazing difference is that I have a rock to run to in times of tribulation. I have a heavenly father that loves me, no matter what faults and failures I have had. I never have to question that love.

    All that to say…thanks. Thanks for being real. Thanks to my Creator for allowing my family to be apart of this amazing journey in Baytown.

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