The BGCT and Dr. Randel Everett

We live in a day of spiritual urgency. The church and its ancillary organizations must be at their best. Now is not the time for second best or under-rated efforts. I like many other (BGCT) Texas Baptists have observed the arrival of a new Executive Director. We’ve listened to Dr. Randel Everett’s inaugural message these early days. While one man doesn’t make an organization, He can certainly work to set its course. I like what I’ve heard thus far – a call to unity in reaching people with the gospel message. The call is for authentic faith; a faith which is demonstrated. I’ve heard a call for action and not for lip service. I applaud and support the message.

It’s time for all Texas Baptists to get to work utilizing relevant methods and strategies to reach Texas with the timeless message. We must embrace this relevance issue or run the risk of dying. I’m looking for leadership, pastors, people, congregations, institutions willing to take a risk for the sake of reaching people we’ve never been able before to reach. Many of our churches are mere bastions of comfortable tradition than a strategically planted mission outpost. It’s time for Texas Baptists to turn the corner – in other places we might use the word repent – and allow the living message of Christ to become the driving force behind all that we do.

I want to thank you Dr. Everett for your challenge. As a Texas Baptist pastor, I’m ready to make a difference.