This Ministry Stuff is Hard

This ministry stuff is hard. I’m not sure why. At times I think it’s the expectations of people. Other times I think it to be the rigorous schedule. Then I come to the stark realization, often it’s the expectations I have for myself. Self imposed expectations can strangle the vitality out of one’s life. Vision becomes eclipsed while daily living is spent groping through the fog. I guess in some respect, we’re our own worst critic. I know that I am. These expectations can be anything from a simple to do list to a certain set of behavior traits. Before long I’ll seek self worth in the completion of a list or in a certain appearance. If I mark them off, I’ve achieved success. If I have the appearance of holiness, then I must be – right? Watch out! That’s when this stuff becomes more of a religion than a relationship. It’s not the expectations of self or of others that matter; these are of little value in the scheme of things. God’s expectations of me are what matter most. The older I get the more I realize His greatest expectation of me is presence. I need His attention and He wants mine. It’s the time to be still and know.

One thought on “This Ministry Stuff is Hard

  1. c.w. goad

    Hey man –stumbled onto your blog–it’s ok to hold yourself accountable and keep yourself in check. Just be sure to give yourself some grace too! I enjoyed reading.

    Live Raw,

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