A Wrong Doesn’t Make A Wright

There’s been quite a bit of discussion regarding Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his relationship with one of the presidential candidates. You’ve listened to the conversations. The video clips and transcripts have been all over the press. Check out youtube.com for yourself. There’s no doubt that what Rev. Wright said is really “out” there. His statements have offended many Americans. He’s made some preposterous allegations and comments. I don’t agree with his message! Many wish his comments could be censored. But before we go there, let’s think about this.

Rev. Wright’s comments aren’t the concern here; it’s the issue of free speech. We might wish that some legal maneuvering could prevent Jeremiah Wright from making such ludicrous comments. That’s an advocacy for censorship and maybe justifiable. Look down the road for a moment. The day will come when the church’s public message will be censored. All of a sudden the pulpit will be judged for politically or culturally acceptable doctrine. Ministers and the churches they serve will become political and legal targets.

Just because I don’t agree with Wright’s message doesn’t mean I’d advocate censorship. Let Jeremiah Wright have his platform; it’s a small stage. One day the gospel is going to offend the majority of American population and many will advocate the censorship of the church’s message. You don’t think it is possible? Already the government has established boundaries for what can be said from the pulpit regarding candidates and political issues. Crossing the line jeopardizes a church’s non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service. There have been recent attempts to censor the church’s message on lifestyle. Will that be next?