A Choice – Matthew 13:3b-8

Here’s a thought while reading this passage. A reader typically concentrates on the soil types and consequential results from the sowing and then moves on. Now, I don’t want to read too much into this passage, but think about this. When the farmer went out, where do you think he intended for the bulk of the seed to fall? The bulk of the seed would typically be planted in the fertile ground. Obviously, during the planting, seeds fell on the surrounding walkway and soils. The seed that flourished was the seed sown in the fertile – rich soil. All other soils could not sustain long-term growth or maturity.

Did you know that you have a choice in which soil you’re planted? Anything other than the fertile soil will produce temporary and potentially disastrous results. I must plant myself in the fertile unhindered soil. Maturity is impossible in ill prepared soil settled with hindrances that compete for the gospel and God’s leadership in my life. Maturity is about unhindered and unencumbered followship. Choose to plant yourself in the fertile soil. Any other soil just won’t work to your benefit.