The "Innovative Church" and the Baytown Sun

There’s been some interesting debate and discussion recently on Baytown Talk. It’s a local forum sponsored by the Baytown Sun. People talk about anything and everything. There are thousands of threads on virtually every topic imaginable. Of course, there’s a religion section. A couple of weeks ago, the Baytown Sun did a story on a new and “Innovative Church” coming to Baytown. It was story about our North Campus launch. They did a great job, in my opinion. Subsequent to the published article, there appeared a negative thread about this new “Innovative Church.” From there, the discussion is history. Sometimes the discussion gets tense and at other times it’s light hearted. I think it’s worth a read. You can follow this link to the “Innovative Church” thread.

I hope some of the comments will challenge you regarding ministry models and worship styles. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and that’s when we put God in a box.